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29th April 2021, 20:56

Gibraltar Fire & Rescue Blue Watch and Fire Safety teams visit Governor's Meadow Lower Primary School

The Gibraltar Fire and Rescue Blue Watch and Fire Safety teams paid a visit to Governor's Meadow Lower Primary School. The idea was to reassure and educate pupils and staff to allay any lingering fears following the recent fire.

GFRS personnel were met by Acting Head Teacher Ivan Latin, with staff and children reassured that they were in no way at fault for the circumstances that led to the fire.

Children were given a fire safety talk with a focus on how to react to a fire and what they can do to help prevent one. The children were enthusiastic and eager to interact with the crew.

They were also given an opportunity to see some of the equipment, including the hose reels and the surprisingly popular BATfan. Finally, children had a chance to ask some questions before photographs were taken.

The hope is for children and staff at the school to feel more at ease following last month's fire; a basic fire safety course is also planned in the near future.