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25th June 2021, 03:07

Gibraltar votes to update its abortion legislation, with 62% of votes in favour

Published by GBC News

Gibraltar has voted to update its abortion legislation. With 12,343 votes cast on Thursday, the Referendum Administrator Paul Martinez announced the result just before 1am. A majority of 62% voted 'yes' to enacting new abortion legislation.

12,343 votes were cast, representing just under 53% of registered votes.

The results were delivered at the University. The Yes campaign’s Isobel Ellul said Gibraltar had voted for human rights, for trusting health care professionals, for compassion and empathy, for healthcare and reproductive rights, and for making abortions 'home, safe and legal'.

For his part, the Chief Minister said the Government will - within 28 days - bring into force the legislation that makes 'greater' the circumstances under which a pregnancy may be terminated. Fabian Picardo said mechanisms would be put in place for counselling and support, so that anyone thinking they need an abortion is supported by the GHA.