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27th August 2017, 00:51

'Storm over Gibraltar' photo makes weather competition shortlist

A photo of the Rock showing a rare shelf cloud draped across Ocean Village is one of the shortlisted images for the Weather Photographer of the Year. The image by Steve Ball, MeteoGib’s photographer was captured after storms spread north from Morocco. The competition is organised jointly by the Royal Meteorological Society and the Royal Photographic Society.

2000 entries were submitted this year with 45 selected.

In comments to GBC, Steve says he's delighted to have made the group of finalists, adding photography and the weather are both a great passion of his.  The photo was taken during a storm on the 7th July last year, when a bolt of lightning shook buildings across the Rock. Steve has previously won two regional Royal Meteorological Society competitions, also claiming the Barclays Earth Global Photo Competition in 2016 with his picture of the Rock at Sunset.

Crashing waves, fog rainbows and eye-catching clouds systems are just some of the impressive moments captured in the shortlisted images, with scenes from all around the World. You can check out the shortlist on 


Winners will be announced in early autumn.

Steve Ball, Barclays Earth Global Photo