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8th November 2019, 18:01

Gibraltarian woman to be extradited to France in connection with laundering proceeds of drug trafficking

A Gibraltarian woman is to be extradited to France in connection with her involvement in a criminal organisation and its laundering of drug trafficking money.

A European Arrest Warrant was issued back in April for Chaimae El Fahssi and her husband to be sent to France for money laundering offences.

Just weeks ago, Zakariaa El Abdallaoui, her husband, consented to be extradited and was sent to France. Ms El Fahssi however, refused.

A trial was heard at the Magistrates Court, in which defence lawyer Robert Fischel QC argued that she was wanted in France for interrogation and should not be extradited for this alone. He added that consideration should also be given to the couple's three-year-old child.

The Crown argued, however, that she was wanted for interrogation because there is an intention to prosecute her.

Stipendary Magistrate Charles Pitto ruled that the 34 year-old will be joining her husband in France. As she is local, the extradition is on the condition that if found guilty of any crimes, she will serve her sentence in Gibraltar.