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4th September 2018, 20:23

Gibraltar's future tallest building? Devil's Tower Road development approved

The Development and Planning Commission has given the green light to a tall residential development at 92 Devil's Tower Road; the proposed building opposite Beachview Terraces is set to become Gibraltar’s tallest.

It has been divisive and had been deferred twice by the DPC this year amid concerns about the building’s height and massing. On Tuesday it was approved but only after a majority vote.

It will be 75 metres tall on average, 78 at its highest point. The site saw a major rockfall earlier this year, but Technical Services are happy with how the plans deal with the risk of another such rockfall.

Several committee members felt that while Devil’s Tower Road can take tall buildings, perhaps this one was too tall; also questioning the impact on the iconic view of the North face. Janet Howitt argued in favour of a new Development Plan which Joseph Garcia said the Government would start work on in 2019.

Dr Garcia said the debate around height was about trying to strike the right balance. John Cortes asked: “if we don’t build high here, do we build low everywhere else?", including the old town and natural areas. Six DPC members voted in favour, three against, two abstained.

So, who’s behind what is set to become Gibraltar’s tallest building?

Our reporter Jonathan Scott spoke to the architect Jonas Stahl and to the developers, brothers Patrick and Peter Cabezutto. 

Artist impression, provided by Arc Designs Ltd