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30th April 2021, 19:56

Gibraltar's unions publish messages ahead of May Day

Unite and the GGCA have published messages ahead of May Day, with both unions taking the opportunity to highlight what they consider to be ongoing issues affecting Gibraltar’s workers.

The GGCA takes aim at what they describe as Minister Bossano’s “rather haphazard attempts to create public efficiencies by disadvantaging clerical grades”. It says this has been the government’s intention since well before either Brexit or the pandemic and that measures taken are consistent with the reduction of manning levels within the clerical grades.

The union says the government is in clear breach of its commitment to maintain the established complement as per 2011 levels and that this amounts to an unwarranted targeting of entry level grades.

Unite highlights the critical role workers have played during the pandemic and says they must now be protected as the economy recovers, post-Covid. It claims Gibraltar is nearly three decades behind where it should be in terms of Family-friendly policies compared to other EU countries, and says too many workers are struggling to make ends meet on a minimum wage that is insufficient.

Unite once again reiterates its opposition to what it calls the misuse of fixed term and zero-hour contracts and says we must provide equity in the delivery of pensions.

Both unions warn against austerity measures, saying they must be avoided and they are not the answer ahead of the uncertain future we are stepping into.