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9th February 2024, 16:12

Google Maps fixes error re-directing pedestrians across the tunnel instead of the runway.

Published by GBC News

Google Maps has fixed an error which directed pedestrians coming into Gibraltar through the tunnel and not straight across the runway.

The change follows representation from the GFSB, which believes the 40 minute walk into town was dissuading tourism.

This issue was raised at a Tourism Town Hall meeting with those present concluding visitors, especially those arriving at the airport, have had to trudge with luggage over three times the distance.

GFSB Board Director, Eran Shay, raised the issue with Google Maps with this fixed immediately. Google Maps is now directing pedestrians along the much shorter route across the runway.

“At the GFSB we believe that there are many things that the private sector can do to improve the tourism experience in Gibraltar, and we are at the moment consolidating various ideas and suggestions from our members. Some of these matters can be handled straight away, like this Google Maps error and some may require further consultation, but the bottom line is that when we all get together we can get things done!”.

Any businesses who would like to share their ideas, suggestions and concerns, regardless if they are members or not, are welcome to write to the GFSB’s dedicated tourism mailbox: tourism@gfsb.gi