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10th January 2019, 18:17

​Government and Opposition clash on the introduction of degree apprenticeships

A GSD Government would do more on the introduction of degree apprenticeships, linking them to Technical Levels. This according to the Party, which claims the Government's response to its statement on training, shows it's clutching at straws.

The GSD says it will engage closely with educators and the University to identify synergies that exist and make full use of the resources available to make this ambitious and important project a reality.

The Government's promises as regards 'T' Levels, it says, remain unfulfilled, despite being announced two years ago. And, it adds, unlike the UK, it's issued no guidance as to how 'T' Levels would work as an alternative to A levels.

But in a statement this evening, the Chief Minister has described Elliott Phillip's statements as factually wrong. Fabian Picardo says Technical levels are new courses being developed in the UK that will be available from 2010; phased in with a small number of providers.

He says it would therefore have been impossible for anyone to have introduced them any earlier. But, the Government says Gibraltarhas already been proactive and developed a progressive age 14-19 vocational curriculum framework to support the implementation of the T Levels, immediately they are ready.

Mr Phillip's criticism, it says, is therefore entirely misplaced, adding that as the parliamentary leader of the party that had hundreds on half the minimum wage on a putative 'Youth Training Scheme' and at least 400 unemployed, has a lot to keep quiet about."