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26th June 2019, 20:22

​Government announces plan to mitigate the effects of development

A plan which aims to mitigate the pace of development in Gibraltar has been launched today by the Government.

The initiative will see work start on a new development plan, the creation of five new open areas including the existing site of St Martin's School, and a freeze on the development of six Government plots. These include the Queen's Cinema, Queen's Hotel, Baysideand St Anne's Schools, the Rooke and old Yacht Club sites.

However, Number Six says it needs to be understood that some of the construction is in private sector hands and therefore outside the direct control of the Government.

The first of the Government's four-point initiative is the start of work on a new Gibraltar Development Plan. A tender will be published in the coming weeks, with the plan aiming to set out a future vision for the coordination of development and planning. But given the levels of construction over the past few years, hasn't the horse already bolted?

In terms of renegotiation of existing projects, this has seen the Government persuade developers to reduce the height of some buildings and create more public spaces, such as outside the old Theatre Royal, the Commonwealth Park and the small boats marina.

The Government says there is considerable demand and intense competition for land but that this investment generates both economic activity and employment, and is good for the Gibraltar as a whole.