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16th August 2019, 20:11

​Government applies for EIA

The Government has applied to the Development and Planning Commission for an Environmental Impact Assessment Certificate for the proposed land reclamation at Coaling Island.

The application, published in the Gazette, relates to the area earmarked for the Victoria Keys development, which is approximately 60,000 square metres from the Western quay wall of Coaling Island and the southern quay wall of the small boats marina.

The public can inspect copies of the application, plans, Environmental Statement and other documents submitted in respect of the development at the DPC, during working hours, or online at egov.gi until the 4th of September.

Any representations should be made in writing to the DPC offices at 631 Europort before that date, and should include a statement confirming the applicant, in this case the Government, has been provided with a copy of the representations and when this was done. Representations received will be posted on the E-Planning portal and will be available to be viewed by the public.