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6th December 2018, 20:25

Government claims Opposition Parties have 'jumped the gun' with their criticism of the sale of parkings.

The Government says some of the parkings under the schools will be available for rental. It claims this was made clear in the advert but believes Opposition parties have jumped the gun with their criticism, in their eagerness to be negative about everything that the Government.

The Government points out, the allocation means over 250 vehicles will no longer require on-street parking once they move into the new facility making it easier for everyone else who does not want to buy or to rent a parking space as there will be more spaces available for free elsewhere.

It describes the comments on child safety as misguided and says the provision for school drop- off inside the parking facility will be a huge improvement. The car park, it says, will be managed by Gibraltar Car Parks and operated as a private facility. It believes the suggestion that this will make it less secure than the street is absurd. It also dismisses the criticism that teachers will be unable to park as untrue.

The Government says the schools and the parkingsare in best interests of the community but clearly not in the best interests of the Opposition as it didn't tackle the issues when it had the chance.