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9th July 2020, 18:10

Government confirms Jason Cruz remains in Hong Kong post in package GSD estimates is worth around a quarter of a million pounds

The Government is reviewing the role of International Representatives both in Hong Kong and in other Jurisdictions. On Wednesday it told Parliament it would be shutting down the Hong Kong Office but keeping on the Rock's representative, Jason Cruz. GBC submitted questions on whether the Government intends to renew his contract, how long it's for, how long he's got left on it, and how much notice the Government has to give for termination. The Government says the intention is to vary the manner in which these representatives operate but that at this stage, it's not possible to make any further comment. Number Six adds a full statement will be made once the review is completed.

In reply to what it is Mr Cruz does, the Government says he remains in post and is actively working to promote Gibraltar within the territory of Hong Kong, at what is a volatile time for that Jurisdiction.

When appointed in 2014, Jason Cruz was set to become Gibraltar's representative in London and take over from Albert Poggio in the office there.

The post came with a basic salary of around £130,000, and an accommodation allowance of over a £1600 a week as well as an allowance for the private education of his children. The Opposition then valued his package at around a quarter of a million pounds.