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24th May 2023, 20:10

​Government, GHA & Care Agency 'committed' to collaboration to enhance support for those with learning disabilities

Published by GBC News

The Government says it, the GHA and the Care Agency remain committed to fostering further collaboration to enhance support and care for those with learning disabilities.

In a statement on the demonstration, Number Six says both the GHA and Care Agency work with organisations and Government departments in providing diagnosis, assessment, treatment, programmes, homes and financial support.

It says the GHA has allocated resources previously used for "outmoded institutional care" to strengthen and further staff the Gibraltar Young Minds team.

Number Six says the Care Agency has strengthened its Learning Disability Services by creating a specialised community team to support people throughout their lives, incorporating personalised plans.

It says several health and social care pathways are underway, including one for the assessment and diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

And, it says focused work has been undertaken for well over a year on the extension of the Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, with an ongoing consultation with stakeholders.

The Government says it's a lengthy process for Gibraltar and the UK, with both in close collaboration to enable the UK to extend the Convention to Gibraltar.