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21st September 2022, 20:28

Government hit back at GSD's statement saying Party is 'ill-informed, inappropriate and wrong'

Published by GBC News

The Government has hit back at the GSD's statement saying the Party is "ill-informed, inappropriate and wrong".

It says it has respected and enhanced all aspects of police independence and adds the findings of the Inquiry will vindicate the actions of the Governor, the Chief Minister and the Attorney General, as well as other officers whose actions are called into question.

The Government claims the GSD's statement of alleged interference appears to have been made without knowledge that the meeting took place after and not before the execution of the search warrant and claims therefore, logically, the meeting could not have been an interference.

Nevertheless, the Government says it will not comment further on as yet untested and unproven submissions at this stage.

It looks forward to all pertinent facts being considered, after having allowed the inquiry.