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29th November 2018, 20:58

Government releases plans for three new schools announced last year

Published by GBC News

The government has released plans for the three new schools announced last year. Governor's Meadow, Bishop Fitzgerald and St Martin's schools are the next three in line to be relocated and upgraded.

With the new Notre Dame school now complete and work on the new St Anne's and comprehensives well underway, attention turns to these three schools and future neighbours. The designs for the new schools have been unveiled, together with plans for the relocation of students and teachers during the construction phase. Work was initially projected to begin on the schools this year with an estimated completion in 2019, although this estimate has been pushed back for Bishop Fitzgerald and Governor's Meadow. Work on St Martin's will be prioritised, with both the government and teachers association saying their need is greatest; it is estimated St Martins will still be completed next year. Notre Dame suffered a series of setbacks in its construction, although the Minister for Education believes the lessons learned in that development will aid future projects.

The Chief Minister claimed delays to the plans of the other two schools were due, at least in part, to extended dialogue with representatives of the teacher's association. The government was criticized for 'a lack of consultation' in the planning of the comprehensives, an issue which Victor Gonzalez, of the teachers' association, feels has now been addressed.