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1st December 2021, 18:05

Government says the GSD is trying to score political points at the expense of GHA staff

The Government is accusing the GSD of having jumped at the first opportunity to attempt to score political points by politicising this matter, disregarding the plans completely and grumbling about past limitations.

It claims the criticism is actually of the GHA and its professionals and not of the GSLP Liberals and its ministers adding it shows the GSD does not value health professionals. The Government says the GHA compares well against other public health systems, especially when it comes to waiting times which, however improvable, are nowhere near the crisis levels being hit in some NHS areas.

By contrast, it says, the Government is planning ahead and looking to the future by working with staff, patients and stakeholders to reform the GHA from within.

Health Minister Samantha Sacramento says the plan aims to empower clinicians and take politics out of the provision of health care in Gibraltar. She adds it's clear from their tired point-scoring approach that the GSD want the exact opposite.