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12th January 2022, 19:38

Government says Hilton proposal is for a private development on private land

The Government says it shares the GSD Opposition's view that the arrival in Gibraltar of a brand hotel like the Hilton is a positive development, adding it will be the third hotel introduced in its time in Government.

It points out this is a proposal for a private development on private land and not a Government project.

The Government believes the Opposition is mistaken in its attempted criticism of it, saying that in its eagerness, the GSD's missed the central point that the priority for purchase of apartments in the proposed development to be offered to residents of Catalan Bay has been put forward by the private developer and not by the Government, given, it says, the Government has nothing to do with it!

It adds, it goes without saying that all matters related to the design, height, massing and scale of the proposed development are entirely a matter for the Development and Planning Commission to determine, independently of the Government, under the law using its own rules and procedures.

The Government feels however that the public could be left with the impression that the Opposition call for new hotels and investment one day, only to another day come out against a proposed major investment in a new hotel.

Number Six welcomes this significant investment at this challenging time in the local and global economy, but reiterates the fact that it's a private project.