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23rd August 2019, 20:05

Government says new power backup systems should be in place by end of the year

The Government says the new backup systems should be in place before the end of the year, adding these should avoid major power outages in circumstances like Thursday's.

In response to GBC questions, the Government said it will engage with contractors through the Electricity Authority to ascertain the exact cause of this week's incident.

It said the GEA undertakes a continuous review of its operations, and that the incident will be studied as part of this process.

The Government said St Bernard's Hospital was not affected by the outage, with UPS systems covering the 15 to 20 second gap before generators kick in.

It added the Primary Care Centre did experience issues with its generator, which failed to start due to a defective battery, but said this was resolved, with backup power reinstated.

The Government also confirmed that traffic lights are powered by the same source as domestic and business customers.

It added that through the Electricity Authority, it will engage with the suppliers of Gibraltar's traffic lights to see if any backup systems are available to keep these on during such power cuts. However, in a tweet this afternoon, the RGP said the traffic lights at Sir Herbert Miles Rd, by Both Worlds have now been fixed.