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23rd September 2022, 19:23

Government says TG should retract ​unfair comparisons made between checks by BCA & secret police of Nazi Germany

The Government says Together Gibraltar should retract the unfair comparisons made between checks by the Borders and Coastguards Agency and the secret police of Nazi Germany.

It asks Ms Hassan Nahon to apologise to the officers of the BCA.

It says she is totally wrong to think that the timing of the house checks is unusual, adding these checks always happen always when a person applies for a residence based benefit and the relevant department considers there is a question mark over the claimant’s residence.

Regarding the grant of scholarships, this happens only in the weeks after A Level results and can take time.

According to the Government, Together Gibraltar is completely wrong to suggest that the Ministry of Education has instigated these checks - it says it was informed by the Director of Education once the checks were already under way.

It also claims the statement issued by the BCA originated only and directly from the members of that department.