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18th November 2020, 16:28

Government says there has been no new agreement on mobility for frontier workers

The Gibraltar Government has confirmed that there has been no new agreement on freedom of movement across the border for frontier workers.

It confirmed that the Technical Notice gives effect to the commitments contained in the Withdrawal Agreement, which recognises the enduring, rights of British Citizens, including Gibraltarians, in the EU - and EU nationals in the UK and Gibraltar.

This principle, it says, applies across the board and is not specific to Gibraltar and should not be confused with the future relationship between the UK, Gibraltar and the EU. This, the Government says, is something different and which includes a cross-border mobility proposal which is still under discussion.

The Government says it's made clear many times that it does not intend to impose any new conditions for EU, EEA or Swiss nationals entering Gibraltar, but adds this position will be kept under review precisely in the light of ongoing negotiations to agree a new border fluidity regime for all with the EU.

Chief Minister said he is happy to have been able to finalise this important, reciprocal part of the Withdrawal Agreement and speculated as to why the Leader of the Opposition might choose to misrepresent the matter at a time when everyone is working closely together to achieve the best deal possible.

Fabian Picardo said Keith Azopardi is welcome to speak to him if he is genuinely confused adding, now is not the time for political games.