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13th February 2018, 19:14

Government slam joint statement on education by GSD and Hassan Nahon

The Government has slammed the recent press release issued on education by the GSD and Marlene Hassan Nahon, saying the statement contributes nothing to the discussion. They say education is the main driving force of the GSLP Government, unlike the GSD administration which they claim contributed very little to developing education on the Rock.

The Government says site identification is a matter for them to decide whilst also taking into account the views expressed by teachers and the GTA. They add that extensive consultation with teachers will also continue on other changes planned, and that these discussions have always been part of the plan as they recognise teachers’ views are key to the process.

Whilst they admit it is an ambitious programme of change, they Government says they will not allow it to become unrealistic or rushed, but stressed that after years of neglect and poor conditions for teachers, they have little time to lose.