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16th February 2017, 19:20

Government wants to reassure GHA patients continuity of care won't be affected by recently departed doctors

The Government says it wants to reassure GHA patients that continuity of care will not be affected in any way by the small number of doctors that have left recently. This follows a GSD statement saying it’s alarmed by the number of consultants who have resigned.

Health Minister Neil Costa says one of the consultants retired, one came to the end of his contract, another was over retirement age,hhave resigned for personal reasons. Mr Costa says the GSD’s constant, negative and unconstructive denigration of the GHA undermines the hard work of the clinical staff to maintain high standards.

He says it is increasingly evident the GSD are using the GHA as their new preferred means of attacking the Government, and accuses the party of political hypocrisy.

Mr Costa reassures that all measures are being taken to ensure continuity of care, and that all appointments will be covered by a suitable doctor.