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10th February 2020, 20:34

​Governor underscores vital role of public broadcaster during Brexit and recognizes excellent career of retired GBC cameraman Alan Guerrero

Published by GBC News

The Governor has underscored the vital role the public broadcaster needs to play in keeping the people of Gibraltar informed, especially throughout the Brexit process.

Lt. General Edward Davis was speaking during an official visit to Broadcasting House; he thanked GBC for telling the Gibraltarian story in the four years he’s been on the Rock and recognized the contributions of recently retired news cameraman Alan Guerrero.

The Governor of Gibraltar is set to leave the Rock next Tuesday. He is embarked on a series of farewells and Monday saw him visit GBC.

Lt General Edward Davis was received by CEO Gerard Teuma, who spoke of the importance of always keeping the public's trust through fairness, accuracy and impartiality.

The Governor said honesty and sensitivity were evident in GBC’s handling of Gibraltar’s news. He said GBC does it "phenomenally well", covering the breadth and depth with accuracy and due sensitivity.

He said there will be challenges and GBC will have to help bring people along by keeping them informed, providing a vital public service.

As well as talking about the role of the national broadcaster generally, Lt General Davis recognized - with a Governor's Coin for excellence in news - what he said were 37 years of “extraordinary” service by recently retired news cameraman Alan Guerrero. The Governor said we often talk about what goes on in front of the camera but nothing would go on in front of the camera without people like Alan with the skills and the ingenuity to tell the stories of Gibraltar. "Please don’t underestimate the impact of your camerawork", said the Governor.

For his part, an emotional Alan had some heartfelt words of encouragement for his former colleagues: he said he hadn't felt the full impact of what it means to work in the GBC newsroom until he left.

Through his lens, Alan helped to document life in Gibraltar for almost 40 years. The opening of the Gibraltar border was one of the major events he captured.

Will Brexit be spoken of in a similar vein in years to come? Perhaps. GBC will continue to tell Gibraltar’s stories, including Brexit, with accuracy and impartiality.