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12th February 2018, 11:16

"Significant progress" on new schools, says Government

The Government has reported significant progress on the new schools project, which it claims, has entered a new stage of development.

Notre Dame School at Laguna Estate is due to open this year, when the current Notre Dame will be demolished and building will start on the new St Anne’s School. Users of the area where the two new Comprehensive schools will be built are currently being reallocated, with demolition there expected to start next month and construction in April.

Teams are meeting to discuss the Stage 2 designs for the two new secondary schools at Waterport with about 50 members of the teaching staff involved in the process so far. Education Advisors and teachers have also been looking into the operational requirements.

Assessment of requirements and design work is now, according to the Government, been stepped up on the new St Martin’s, Bishop Fitzgerald and Governor’s Meadow schools, which will be located in the area currently occupied by Westside.

The Chief Minister and the Minister for Education will be visiting the schools over the coming weeks to engage directly with teaching and support staff, to discuss concerns and clarify issues.