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16th October 2020, 13:51

GRA not to act on Gibtelecom complaint made in June against local providers; considering two more recent complaints from U-mee and Gibtelecom

The Regulatory Authority has decided not to act on a complaint made by Gibtelecom against local rivals U-mee and GibFibre, back in June. 

Four months ago, Gibtelecom made a complaint about the providers, requiring the GRA to direct U-mee and GibFibre to cease television services. The GRA has decided that, contrary to Gibtelecom’s view, the complaint didn't engage the GRA's functions and powers and consequently, has not acted on it. 

However, the regulating body says it is considering a more recent complaint from U-mee regarding Gibtelecom and another from Gibtelecom regarding U-mee and GibFibre.

For its part, GibFibre claims that its bundled package of programming is, in its entirety, authorised to be provided by the relevant right owners.

The GRA is currently looking into two claims.

On the 9th of October, U-mee made a complaint against the wording of an advertisement by Gibtelecom of its new one Gigabit broadband service. Five days later, Gibtelecom made a complaint about advertisements by both U-mee and GibFibre of their television services.

The complaints are made under the Misleading and Comparative Advertising Act 2001. The GRA is the nominated consumer office for this act, separate to its functions as regulator for electronic communications. It says it is obliged to consider the most recent complaints.

In a statement, GibFibre says that it wishes Gibtelecom would show some responsibility regarding competition law, compliance with the GRA as well as with the general conditions on the transparency of pricing and conditions.