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22nd June 2021, 11:44

Group of Irish politicians write open letter to people of Gibraltar asking them to vote no in the referendum

Eight pro-life Irish politicians have written an open letter to the people of Gibraltar asking them to vote no in the forthcoming referendum, suggesting that the result of the Irish abortion referendum was a mistake, and calling on the Rock to not make the same one.

The letter is signed by six Teachta Dalas, the Irish equivalent of MPs, and two Senators, asking the people of Gibraltar to protect both lives in pregnancy, and saying voting no isn't just the compassionate thing to do, but also the right one in light of the experience of Ireland since its referendum in 2018.

The letter says the number of abortions in Ireland has skyrocketed since the new law came into effect in January 2019 despite commitments from the Government that this would not happen. It says 6666 abortions were carried out in the first year alone since the referendum.

The politicians say the supposed safeguards in law haven't worked - and point to a highly publicised case, where doctors mistakenly and illegally aborted a perfectly healthy baby when it was thought to have had a very serious disability - which was subsequently found to be a misdiagnosis.

They say Gibraltar still has a chance to stand up for the most vulnerable, and oppose this proposed change in the law. They say the Irish referendum, like Gibraltar's, was not about healthcare - but about deliberately and intentionally depriving unborn children of their right to life.