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25th February 2021, 18:56

GSD calls for clear guidelines on University Student vaccination

All university Students who have registered their interest for a COVID-19 vaccine will be offered one, according to the GHA.

This comes after the GSD Opposition called Government to issue full detailed information and clear guidelines in respect of all procedures required by University Students who wish to take part in the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme.

Education Shadow Minister, Edwin Reyes, says he has been approached by students seeking clarifications as they have been unable to obtain information from the Health Authority after registering their interests to receive the COVID-19 vaccinations and before their imminent return to UK. He says the GHA is simply replying to students saying that they have not been instructed by Government to vaccinate university students and describes this as a startling response given Government’s announcement three weeks ago that special arrangements were being made for them. He says some have even left Gibraltar unvaccinated as a result.

Mr Reyes says some students are waiting to finalise their travel arrangements in the hope of early vaccination.

The GHA says it has already begun the process of contacting university students who have registered their interest and appointments have already been offered. 400 students have already been contacted and 200 offered appointments.

The registration of interest form continues to remain open for any student wishing to take the vaccine on the GHA website.

Minister for Health Samantha Sacramento says she would like to reassure all students who registered their interest for a vaccine that they will be offered one, and if they have not yet been contacted by the GHA with an appointment date, they will be called in the coming days.