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8th October 2019, 18:41

GSD says it would rule with eight ministers, if elected

No more lies, no more disrespect and no more misleading. These are just some of the pledges presented by the GSD at a press conference on style of Government and Democracy. Party leader, Keith Azopardi claims there's a real democratic deficit in Gibraltar. He says that in order to change this, reforms to the parliamentary system are needed.

Under a GSD government, the Chief Minister would serve no longer than two terms, to allow for change and renewal in the party. A parliamentary ombudsman would be appointed to avoid any bypassing of parliament. A public accounts committee to ensure transparency on public finances would be created and there would be more select committees for cross party approaches to issues. The aim of these proposed policies is to enhance democracy through Government accountability. A key pledge from the party is that it would only have eight ministers and allow two of its members of parliament, if elected to govern, to be backbenchers. Keith Azopardi says this would save 150 thousand pounds a year, which the party would then plough into further Parliamentary reforms.

The party says it would also introduce a monthly Chief Minister's question time in the house and a youth parliament to encourage young people to participate in politics.

On the wider policies the party is offering, Danny Feetham says the GSD's pledge to provide 500 rental homes is paramount.

For more on the GSD's manifesto pledges you can go to gsd.gi