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8th January 2019, 20:39

​GSD accuses Chief Minister of unashamedly adopting its policy on apprenticeships and skills

The GSD says the Chief Minister's message is "unashamedly" a wholesale adoption of the GSD's policy on apprenticeship and skills.

The Opposition claims it is also a recognition that the GSLP has failed Gibraltar's young people.

In a statement, the party recalls itfirst announced an apprenticeships policy in October 2015, with Elliott Phillips putting forward a motion in 2016 for Parliament to support its Apprenticeships and Skills Programme - but says this was rejected.

The Opposition Leader accused Fabian Picardo of engaging in patio politics, placing his own narrow interests ahead of those of the community.

The GSD adds Mr Picardo's message is a complete vindication of the hard work done by the Opposition in this area.

In response, the Government said it announced two years ago that it would be introducing the new "Technical Levels" at the same time as they're introduced in the UK.

It says it's a revolutionary change to education, and that Mr Phillips must have missed it when it was announced in Parliament.