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7th February 2019, 20:28

​GSD calls on Government to remedy situation at Bishop Canilla House

The GSD says it has noted recent social media coverage on the state of works at Bishop Canilla House and says it is clear the Government is incapable of managing the community's housing needs.

It claims elderly citizens have endured the inconvenience of the works, with the workforce now appearing to have abandoned the site since before Christmas.

The works were scheduled to be completed this month, with the Opposition saying it is clear this target will not be met and asking what the Government intends to do about it.

The GSD claims elderly citizens have endured inconvenience, noise and dust pollution and lack of air circulation, given that windows have had to remain closed during the summer. It feels residents have been very patient and have endured these conditions on the promise of improvements to their living environment. But, it claims, the project has been plagued with setbacks, poor workmanship, water ingress and damp, and that now the site has been abandoned. It says Bishop Canilla House is a building site and it is right that citizens express their genuine concerns for the health, safety and welfare of our elderly.

The opposition spokesman for Housing, Elliott Phillips, states there are over 1,200 people on the waiting list, thousands concerned about how they will afford the "so-called affordable housing scheme", and appalling and shocking examples of third world living conditions.

Eight years on, he says, the Government has also failed to complete refurbishments to a number of large housing estates and has now abandoned this one.