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16th April 2021, 17:15

GSD claims families of unvaccinated people are not being heard by Government

The GSD has accused the Government of playing on people's emotions by raising the fact that 94 lives were lost to COVID-19. It says it distracts from the point, which is that those who are unvaccinated are unable to see their loved ones.

In its latest statement on the matter, the Opposition said the public health requirement that visitors to ERS and hospital be vaccinated is a new one that operates unfairly.

The Opposition party claims that families of unvaccinated people are not being heard by the Chief Minister and his Government.

The Party says it continues to receive reports of people unable to see their loved ones, adding that they would be happy to submit Covid tests and wear PPE to be able to visit ERS and the hospital.

It says the COVID outbreak in December and January was against a different backdrop before the vaccination roll out. The Party points out that daily swabbing at ERS sites was not in place until the end of December when the vaccination programme hadn't yet started, adding that 148 members of staff and 131 residents of ERS tested positive for Covid-19 in December. It says risks are much lower now because of the vaccination programme, with no resident cases of Covid testifying to that.

The GSD - describing its position as measured - says ways could be found to allow unvaccinated, tested people to visit their loved ones.

It says the Government have closed their minds for political reasons.