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23rd June 2020, 17:13

​GSD expresses concern over nursing home joint venture, following UK modular construction company's liquidation

The GSD has expressed renewed concerns over the joint venture to build a new nursing home, after a prominent UK modular construction company went into liquidation.

Shadow Minister for Public Finance Roy Clinton said Sir Joe told Parliament on the 1st of June that the Government was talking to the UK company that delivered the Newcastle University modular accommodation block at a cost of £75 million. Mr Clinton claims that company was - CIMC MBS Limited - which is now in creditors’ voluntary liquidation, with the company citing a reduction in its order book in the UK.

He says it is also concerning to see claims in the Sunday Times that CIMC might have constructed “faulty buildings” in the UK, and adds he will put questions on the project in Parliament.

Our reporter, Jonathan Scott, spoke to Roy Clinton.