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1st October 2019, 16:27

GSD first pledge leaflet, ahead of manifesto, focuses on quality of life

The GSD has published the first of its pledge leaflets ahead of its manifesto. It focuses on quality of life: to include the environment, housing, development and planning. At a press conference this morning, Party Leader, Keith Azopardi announced Gibraltar 2050, a 30 year strategic plan for Planning and Development for a sustainable environmental and economic future.

The GSD described their manifesto as a 'chunky' document full of exciting plans. These include the regeneration of the dockyard over the next ten years, reviewing Victoria Keys and the development of the fire station and its surrounding area into a cultural zone. The Party wants to end, what it describes as, peacemeal haphazard development.

The policy commitment also includes combatting the Climate Change Emergency with environmental measures on recycling, air quality and transport looking towards achieving 20 percent of Gibraltar's power from renewable sources in the first few years. The GSD also promises the proper management of e-scooters-their regulation and enforcement.

Quality of Life also includes housing: with the GSD promising to build 500 more houses for rental to unblock the housing waiting list, as well as reviewing the eligibility and allocation criteria to look at means testing.