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3rd October 2023, 14:20

GSD highlight GSLP/Libs 'U-turn' on stadium funding and lack of development rights for taxpayers

Published by GBC News

The GSD believes the taxpayer has not received value for money in the financial deal involving the new football stadium, highlighting that no development rights have been paid.

Speaking at today's GSD press conference, Keith Azopardi pledged to find out the true cost of building a suitably sized, self-financing venue if elected into government.

The GSD also said there is a lack of clarity in the GSLP/Liberal's plan for elderly care home at Rooke with Keith Azopardi stressing that no contractual arrangements have yet been entered into. He also said his party will seek to find an appropriate age for the equalisation of pensions.

In response to a request to respond to the Jewish Community's statement yesterday, Keith Azopardi said he had no further comment to make on the subject.