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15th May 2019, 19:34

GSD highlights 'persistent' and 'lengthy' delays in having Parliamentary questions answered with Government describing this as 'unfair' in the context of Brexit

The GSD is highlighting what it says are significant delays to the answering of oral questions by the Government in Parliament. As the public's Opposition, it says, it's responsible for raising issues and testing the strength of the Government's policies. Despite the Government's promise to hold monthly meetings of Parliament, since September last year, it regrets only having had two opportunities to submit questions. It also also points out the agenda of the House has 20 Bills outstanding since 2018.

This month, it claims, the Government answered a limited number of questions which the Opposition had submitted as far back as January. The GSD adds delaying the answering of questions means that responses become stale, outdated and ineffectual.

Opposition Leader, Elliott Phillips believes it's high time the Government practices what it preaches. He claims it should be a matter of deep regret that there have only been two opportunities in the last eight months for questions to be submitted. 

Mr Phillips adds that while they've given the Government space to navigate Brexitthe Opposition can't stand by and let the clear stifling of the proper parliamentary process to continue and become the norm. He concludes the repetitive use of procedures to delay the answering of questions is doing democracy a great disservice, with the victims being the people who expect the Government to properly and fully answer questions put to it by the elected Opposition, in good time.