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22nd July 2021, 20:42

GSD Opposition to vote against the budget. Roy Clinton says he can not support a half view budget

The GSD Opposition is to vote against the budget. In his address, Roy Clinton said the inadequate way public finances are reported and failings in the budget process remains the same. Mr Clinton says he can not support a half view budget no matter what screams of solidarity come from the Government benches.

Last year the GSD exceptionally voted in favour of the Covid Emergency budget but reserved its position on the budget process.

He describes this Budget and the estimate book for 2021/22 as the begging bowl budget with the Government having to beg, borrow and scrape to make ends meet.

Roy Clinton claims the Opposition still has no visibility of the state of Government owned companies with indirect debt not recognised, three years supplementary appropriation bills outstanding, no proper finance bill and the last report of the Principal Auditor was for 2015/16.

He says there's no public accounts committee and the cumulative result is that Parliament cannot exercise any effective financial scrutiny over this Government.

Mr Clinton claims that although Covid-19 has undeniably cost this community £250 million, with revenues down, it has only served to highlight how this Government has previously mismanaged our public finances and continues to do so.

Roy Clinton says there can be no Solidarity without transparency and trust.

He adds this is not a Budget that can be trusted but a Begging Bowl Budget, lacking in transparency, responsibility and accountability and that he will simply not vote for it.