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12th July 2019, 18:38

GSD plans to propose changes to the Private Sector Pensions Bill

The GSD plans to propose several changes to the Private Sector Pensions Bill, currently at its committee stage.

The Opposition says these will improve the position of retiring private sector employees.

It is proposing six groups of amendments, that it claims will benefit private sector employees more than the current Bill does.

These amendments address concerns received in feedback the Party has received from Unite the Union, the Chamber of Commerce and the Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses.

Shadow Minister for Public Finance Roy Clinton says the Chief Minister criticised the GSD for taking an adjournment at the committee stage of the Bill to evaluate it, but adds the proposed improvements show the time has been usefully used to address employer concerns and benefit private sector employees.

The Opposition describes the exercise as a delicate balancing act on a very important piece of law.