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20th May 2016, 11:17

GSD reacts to Marlene's resignation

In response to Marlene Hassan Nahon's surprise design to leave the GSD, the party said it had received and confirmed the resignation with “regret and surprise”. GSD leader, Daniel Feetham, told GBC Ms Hassan Nahon had not spoken to or otherwise contacted him before she wrote to him to resign.

In a statement, the party said Ms Hassan Nahon had ably defended the GSD’s vision and its politics, both as a by-election candidate and later as a successful general election candidate. Therefore, it says, it is “at a complete loss at the reasons given for her departure”, adding these can only be described as “personal and at most procedural in nature”. It says it cannot identify any substantive policy reasons to justify Ms Hassan Nahon’s resignation, claiming she sits in Parliament with the currency granted by the GSD votes at the last election.

The party adds her resignation comes barely a month before the most important decision facing Gibraltar in over a generation, on which, it says, we should all be focusing.