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3rd October 2019, 14:33

GSD roll out election pledges on Money which includes reducing national debt

The GSD has rolled out it's second election manifesto pledge on Money promising to eliminate secrecy and reduce the national debt, if the Party gets into power.

At today's press conference, the candidates also said they would create a more business friendly environment and reduce bureaucracy and fees to help business succeed.

The GSD says, if elected, it will reduce the Government's gross debt which now stands at over £1.3 billion pounds and, unlike the GSLP/Liberals, will tell the public how every penny is spent. The Party also repeated its pledge to terminate the Tax Treaty agreed with Spain and will continue with its policy of reducing taxation.

The GSD also says it will also include a business friendly package of measures which, it says, will create the best climate for business, industry and financial services. The Party's manifesto is likely to be ready early next week, with details of how the GSD intends to boost new business and investing opportunities post Brexit.