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13th May 2019, 20:35

GSD says Government £100 million educational expenditure claim not reflected in 2018/2019 budget

The GSD says the Chief Minister's claim to the teachers' union that over £100 million will be spent on educational infrastructure highlights the failings in the 2018-2019 budget.

In a statement, the Opposition party says the budget accounted for a token provision of only a £1000 for new school projects, adding it claimed a projected surplus of nearly £24 million on the Consolidated Fund.

Shadow Minister for Public Finance, Roy Clinton, said this proves the budget was "the nonsense [he] said it was".

Mr Clinton says we are all witness to the grand scale and mad pace of Government building projects, but have no idea as to their total costing.

He argues the Government must have committed close to £300 million of public monies, calling on it to be clear as to whether it's borrowing more money,

Mr Clinton accuses the Chief Minister of seeming more comfortable selling real estate than talking to the people he's meant to represent.