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12th January 2022, 14:28

GSD says plans filed for proposed for new Hilton Hotel raise serious questions

The GSD says the plans filed for the proposed construction of 128 apartments for private sale in connection with the construction of the new Hilton Hotel at the site of the old Caleta Hotel raise serious questions.

Damon Bossino, shadow minister for Planning says the development is a positive one because it improves our hotel offering and our tourism sector.

However, he says the adjacent apartments raise heritage, environmental and serious bulking concerns.

He says building pollution due to massing and road congestion will greatly affect the residents of Catalan Bay, and the village will be architecturally swamped both from the south by this development and north by ongoing government residential projects.

Mr Bossino calls on the Government to state whether a premium has been paid and if so, how much, as well as whether a change of use for the land has been granted.

Shelina Assomull asked him what questions the project raised.