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14th May 2019, 19:17

Opposition parties urge people to vote for parties supporting People's Vote or remaining in the EU

The GSD and Together Gibraltar have each encouraged people to vote in the European Elections for parties that clearly advocate remaining in the EU, or which support a People's Vote.

Both parties highlight the agendas of the Liberal Democrats and Change UK, with Together Gibraltar also mentioning the Green Party, which currently has a Gibraltar MEP.

Together Gibraltar adds one of the Lib Demcandidates is a Gibraltarian, who could, it says, influence his party on matters relating to the Rock.

For its part, the GSD says we are not yet past the point of no return, with the possibility of avoiding Brexit or providing for a softer exit.

It says Gibraltarians should not abstain from participating in the elections because of any dissatisfaction with the EU.

It says whatever its failings, it's still better for Gibraltar's economic and political future for it to remain in the EU.

And, the Government has encouraged eligible voters to take part in the elections, pointing out their importance in the context of Brexit.

It reminds people the deadlines for voter and postal voter registration have passed, but that you can still register to vote by proxy: the closing date is Wednesday at five.