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25th November 2021, 20:05

GSLP AGM cancelled due to Covid concerns; Executive Committee elections expected in coming months

The GSLP has cancelled its Annual General Meeting in keeping with Public Health advice on COVID measures.

The meeting would have been the first AGM for two years.

It was scheduled for the 9th of December - exactly ten years since the party's return to office in 2011.

GSLP Chairman, Pepe Baldachino says the party will always act in a responsible way and that means following the advice of Public Health Gibraltar.

He says the AGMs are always attended by hundreds of people and the nature of the venue and the political debate makes it uncomfortable to go ahead at this time.

The meeting and Executive Committee elections are expected to take place in the coming months.

GSLP Leader, Fabian Picardo says the cancellation is disappointing, with the GSLP having much to celebrate on the tenth anniversary of its election.

Mr Picardo says the party has much work to continue with, to deliver in the areas where it's been delayed by the pandemic.

He says the Party will have to celebrate another day and will use the time to continue to work and deliver as the Government.

Fabian Picardo expresses hope the pandemic will be left behind and that until such a time, the GSLP must lead by example as the party of Government.