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27th November 2015, 17:44

GSLP-Liberals win general election

Published by GBC News

Fabian Picardo arrives at the John Macintosh Hall to chants of "4 more years! 4 more years!"

The GSLP Liberals will govern Gibraltar for another four years after winning the General Election with 68.4% of the vote  to the GSD's 31.6%. 

All ten candidates polled higher than the GSD slate. Fabian Picardo led the poll, with 10,852 votes, followed by Joseph Garcia at 10,661 and John Cortes at 10,529. Former party leader and Chief Minister, Joe Bossano, came in tenth with 9,145.

Daniel Feetham led the GSD slate in 11th place with 5,054, followed by Marlene Hassan Nahon at 4,892 and Elliott Phillips at 4,784. Kim Karnani-Santos (4,314), Robert Vasquez (4,535) and Chris White (4,324) are left out of Parliament.


The turnout has been confirmed as 16,475 - 70.8% of the electorate. It is the lowest turnout for a Gibraltar general election since 1980. 


GBC exit poll predicts landslide win for GSLP-Liberals: 72% for GSLP-Liberals, 28% for GSD.

Fabian Picardo tops the list, with Joseph Garcia 2nd and John Cortes 3rd, and Neil Costa in 10th. Daniel Feetham heads the GSD candidates in 11th place, with Chris White in 10th place. 

There has been no interspersing of candidates: the first ten are GSLP-Liberals, the next are from the GSD.

Joe Bossano and Trevor Hammond are both lower than expected in exit poll, with Joe Bossano in 9th place and Trevor Hammond in 17th place. 

916 people took part in the exit poll, carried out by Colorworks across the 14 polling stations between 9am and 6.30pm.