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14th September 2020, 11:56

Guardia Civil dismantles major drug ring in Campo

Published by GBC News

The Guardia Civil claims to have dismantled one of the largest criminal organisations in Andalucia, known as 'Los Pinchos', with its nerve centre based in the Campo de Gibraltar.

The latest raid in Palmones resulted in the seizure of eight tonnes of cannabis, as well as a number of launches and vehicles. One of the properties seized in the raid even had its own dry dock for launches used in drug smuggling.

Over the last year, Operacion Tortilla coordinated by the Guardia Civil in conjunction with Interpol, has arrested 64 people accused of drug trafficking, money laundering and organised crime, and seized assets totalling three million euros including properties and bank accounts.

The Guardia Civil estimates that the drug ring was bringing between three and six thousand kilos of cannabis into Spain every month.