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12th June 2019, 17:36

Hammond calls for a committee on climate emergency to map out the next decades with cross party agreement

GSD Opposition member Trevor Hammond began his address on the environment, calling for a committee on the climate emergency to map out the next decades with cross party agreement. He criticised the cutting down of trees and questioned air quality statistics.

Trevor Hammond admits the LNG Power station, will make a difference, but points out LNG is still a fossil fuel and therefore not the solution. The dual fuel power station, built so near homes and schools, he claims, has not been built with best possible technology as promised. Mr Hammond adds, there has been no improvement to vehicle emissions, practices at the dockyard, bunkering or building development. And, the Government, is not providing the necessary incentives for less polluting vehicles.

Trevor Hammond moves to Construction and the pollution and traffic disruption this creates, with the end result being a concrete jungle.

Mr Hammond, points out that despite the announcements of money no object, the sewage plant is stalled despite numerous announcements of the awarding of the contract.

He ends his address on the subject of Spanish Fishermen, who he claims, are allowed to fish with impunity while locals comply with the law.