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30th June 2022, 20:43

​Healthcare provisions withdrawal is a failure of Brexit, not negotiations, says Govt

The Government says the GSD's analysis of the reciprocal healthcare arrangements is total nonsense and shows lack of understanding.

It says this has come about as a result of Gibraltar's departure from the European Union, and should have taken effect as from 1 January 2021, and it was only the Government's negotiating skills which secured an 18 month extension from Spain.

Number Six says it warned that the extension of reciprocal health care arrangements was temporary and could be terminated at any time.

It says the position is entirely reciprocal, given that frontier workers on both sides are covered by the withdrawal agreement, and visitors, or tourists, are not.

The Government explains the position is different for new frontier workers, both in the EU and in the UK and Gibraltar, who no longer enjoy such rights automatically.

It says it is absurd for the Opposition to claim that this is a failure of the negotiation when it is clearly a failure of Brexit.