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7th March 2014, 08:42

Heritage Trust objects to GFA Stadium Location

The Heritage Trust has unanimously decided that Europa Point is the wrong location for the GFA Stadium, and that the GFA should seriously consider an alternative site.

The Trust says it wants to encourage the general public to make its feelings known if they too have objections to the location, so that the Development and Planning Commission can take these objections on board.

The Trust says it appears that there will be minimal loss to the visible heritage above ground, but that we still don't know what lies beneath the surface in the form of galleries, mines or natural caves. It also believes the early retirement of the lighthouse is a particular concern, as it will be missed as an icon. The Trust believes the stadium is a massive structure which will overpower the natural heritage of the area.

It says it's also concerned about the process by which decisions on the location of the stadium have been made. The Trust agrees that there's a need for a new stadium, but feels the decision process hasn't had enough public involvement. Even though the project will go thorugh the DPC, the Trust says the result is a foregone conclusion because of the project's momentum and the PR attached to it.

At last night's board meeting therefore, the Trust has unanimously agreed that Europa Point is the wrong location for the stadium.