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16th April 2015, 14:12

HM Customs christens two new RHIBs

Published by GBC News

Two new rigid-hulled inflatable boats have been christened by HM Customs, and will form part of the assets of the newly created Marine Unit. The RHIBs have a top speed of over 60 knots, and boast cabins and stepped hulls, unlike the forfeited vessels that have previously made up the Customs fleet. They have been kitted out to full specifications and delivered to Gibraltar, with a total cost of £550,000.

The new boats will aid in surveillance, strategic patrols, covert operations and enforcement – particularly of the Imports and Exports Act and the Tobacco Act – and can also be used to support other law enforcement agencies such as the Royal Gibraltar Police.

The RHIBs were christened Seeker and Searcher, at a ceremony which saw them blessed by Monsignor Paul Bear. They are expected to go into operation in about two months’ time, after a period of training for the Marine Unit.