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6th February 2021, 17:21

HMS Talent spotted with silent ‘sub sniffer’ during visit to Gibraltar, used to track Russians in the Med

HMS Talent, the Trafalgar class nuclear submarine which arrived on the Rock last week, has been fitted with a silent ‘sub sniffer’ used to track Russians in the Mediterranean.

The news emerged via the online magazine The Drive, after she was spotted with the new equipment on her hull whilst at the Naval Base.

According to experts, the specialised system is used to hunt other submarines without using sonar, which can easily be detected.

The non-acoustic sensors can pick up tiny radiation signals as well as small changes in water pressure, including bubbles created by passage of other subs.

The Strait of Gibraltar is an area that Russian submarines are known to patrol, supporting military action in Syria.

The new sensors, on either side of the fin of submarine, were spotted by local photographer David Parody, who took the photographs. He told GBC the protrusions were “clearly new to the ship and the entire class and an obvious development of the one already seen on the hull."

Talent’s visit to Gibraltar last week was described by the MOD as ‘routine’.

Meanwhile, she has successfully put the world’s most advanced torpedo through its final trials, including firing the lethal weapon at itself.

During the three-day trial near the Isle of Skye, the cutting-edge Spearfish was fired three times – although it was programmed to safely pass the submarine.

The trials provided valuable data of the upgraded torpedo’s development ahead of its impending entry into service.

(Pictures by DM Parody - dotcom.gi/photos)